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  • Montana Smoking Wood Chunks - Mesquite


Montana Smoking Wood Chunks - Mesquite


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Montana Smoking Wood Chunks - You don't have to be born in the backwoods and sleep beside your smoker overnight to get some smoke flavour in your food. Anybody can do it - using any kind of barbecue. We've got all the supplies (and free advice) you need.


  • Provides a subtle sweet, fruity flavour to your food.
  • Can be used with many kinds of meat, such as pork, poultry and fish.
  • 100% organic and pesticide free - safe for use on your grill
  • Captures each tree's unique flavour by utilizing all of the tree's cells

Mesquite - Mesquite is the South Westerner's delight. Imparts clean, full, sweet, aromatic smokey flavour to poultry and red meats. Known for it's intense heat. The STRONGEST, smokiest flavour. Best used with beef particularly brisket. Can be lightened up when used in combination with fruit woods.