Napoleon 62008 Large Drip Trays

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Keep your Napoleon grill nice and shiny with these replacement grease trays. Keeping your grease trays clean is an essential part of barbecue maintenance. We recommend you check your grease tray every month or so to make sure it isn't full. Kind of like a college student cleaning the kitchen, only much more pleasant.

These drip pans are fairly reusable once or twice but eventually need to be replaced with a fresh one. Keeping your drip tray clean of build up grease helps keep your barbecue looking new and helps prevent grease fires.


  • Set of 5 aluminum drip pans for grease tray
  • Measures 14" L X 8" W
  • Replaces the aluminum drip trays that come standard with Napoleon PRO 665 & 825
  • Keeps your barbecue looking neat and tidy - The last thing we want is a base full of grease
  • Regular grease tray checks are recommended as part of your barbecue maintenance

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