Napoleon Prestige P500 - Propane



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Now with stainless steel grills for 2017! 

Napoleon P500 Prestige - Napoleon's P500 series offers the best barbecue value in Canada. And, while you probably shouldn't trust our opinion on snow tires, French literature or Thai kickboxing manoeuvres: we've got the barbecue stuff nailed. These family sized beauties are a terrific value. They use superior materials, have a superior warranty, boast of a superior heat output and, being made in Canada by Canadians, are made by superior people. Nice package.


  • Lots of heat for all four Canadian seasons: 48,000 BTUs from four, top quality stainless steel burners (enough firepower to get you through the coldest of winters)
  • Total cooking area of 760 fun-filled square inches
  • 7mm stainless steel WAVE™ cooking grills are new for 2017
  • Incredibly reliable 'Jet-Fire' ignition which does NOT sound like a Jet or fly like a Jet or travel like a Jet or, even, make you tap your foot like a song named Jet. But, it is a seriously good way to light your barbecue each and every time you're in the mood so I suppose they can call it whatever they want.
  • A full-width removable drip tray which makes cleaning a LOT easier
  • Baked enamel roasting hood features their LIFTEASE™ roll top lid
  • All covered by Napoleon's 'Limited Lifetime Warranty' - easily the best in the business
  • Made in Canada by people who cook outdoors all year round (who else would know what a good barbecue is?)

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