Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB - Propane



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This. This is a barbecue. Provided by the fine folks at Napoleon in Barrie, Ontario. (According to the internet Barrie is a home to nobody very famous but has some great fishing). Designed and built to last for a ridiculously long time and grill thousands of tasty meals for Canadian families. If you're looking for the barbecue that does it all, look no further.

The Napoleon P500RSIB has a rotisserie, snap-jet ignition and an infrared side burner (say it with us now - Ooooh... aaaaahh!) that will sear any steak you put on it. We'll come over if you need to taste test the effectiveness.

This is our 'desert-island' barbecue. And look - yes, I know that there won't be steady supplies of gas on the island to make the barbecue work. Nor will there be steak to grill. I suppose chicken wings will be in short supply too. But, hey, we don't care - we're still taking this one with us. We'll grill clams. Maybe some coconuts ...

  • Four primary burners produce enough heat for year-round grilling (14,500 BTUs each)
  • Napoleon's famous 18,000 BTUs rear rotisserie burner with commercial grade rotisserie kit
  • Hotter than hot, infrared searing side burner on the left hand side is a force to be reckoned with. Great for traditional side burner activities like boiling water and perfect for searing steaks and chops!
  • Comes with 8mm stainless steel cooking grills that will probably outlive all of us and require very little maintenance along the way
  • Safe, reliable ignition provided by a Jet-Fire system that will get you fired up in no time, every time!
  • An easy pull out drip tray that sits under the entire cooking surface to make cleanup quick and painless
  • Covered by the best warranty in the barbecue business
  • Side shelf without the infrared side burner folds down so you can fit more grill onto a smaller deck
  • Natural Gas model also available

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