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Fireplace Installer

Tenzin, Apprentice Gas Fitter (Calgary, Alberta)

Tenzin, Apprentice Gas Fitter (Calgary, Alberta)


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Tenzin is one of our trusted gas fitters. Currently, he's an apprentice gas fitter working out of our Calgary, Alberta Barbecues Galore locations. If you're lucky, you'll see him hard at work on a roof somewhere in Calgary setting someone up with a brand new fireplace - he's practically Santa Clause. If you're extra lucky, he'll be in your home installing or servicing your gas fireplace with the utmost care. 

Not only is Tenzin a gas fitter, he's a trusted member of our Barbecue Butler's delivery team, so you can ask him about your grill too!

Although he works hard, he also knows how to play hard too. Catch him lifting weights at the gym or snowboarding around the Rockies.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Tenzin loves to hit the gym - he's got to get strong enough to carry those fireplace parts up to your roof somehow. If you like lifting some iron too, talk to him about your gym routine to break the ice.