Brander Barbecue Blade Grill Scraper

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The barbecue blade is one of the latest and greatest additions to our lineup of bristle free grill brushes and tools. A non-toxic, non-plastic wooden scraper that provides a safe and comfortable way to clean your grill.  

This "Superman" of a scraper is almost 3/4" thick and measures 12" long .... In this case ... size does matter... ensuring this fella will be scraping away for years to come. 

If you've ever been worried about the "correct" way to hold a scraper or you weren't sure how to use one right then this scraper is the one for you. You can use it upside down, right side up, with it's corners, whatever works best for you it'll do the job!!


  • Can be cleaned using a damp cloth or under running water. No special maintenance required.
  • Nice and thick so that it won't widdle down over time.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic scraper. It has no metal or plastic
  • Can be used to apply oil to your grill. Just dip the edge of the scraper in oil.
  • Measures 12" in overall length

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