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Thermoworks Smoke Dual-Channel Remote Thermometer

Thermoworks Smoke Dual-Channel Remote Thermometer


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ThermoWorks BBQ Meat Thermometers at Barbecues Galore

"It's the perfect accessory for the low and slow cooks. Not only can you monitor your food, but also ambient temperatures. All from across the yard or inside your home." ~ Jordan

You asked for it. They delivered. Thermoworks have introduced the greatest dual-channeled, wireless thermometer for all smoking fiends: The Smoke™. The name is pretty straight forward, ain't it?

The Smoke™ includes two of Thermoworks' Pro-Series probes: one for the ambient temperature of your grill or smoker, and the other for the meat itself. The accuracy of this unit follows in the footsteps of all other Thermoworks products. The Smoke™ reads within +/- 1.8°F, meaning that you will never need to worry about a calibration adjustment. 

However, the greatest feature of the Smoke™ is its wireless receiver (which has an extra-long 300 foot transmission range). This receiver notifies you when it's time to serve the meat, as well as constantly feeding you information on the grill temperature and the meat's internal temperature. The future is here! Let's embrace it by wearing the strange outfits which movies set in the future suggest us to wear!

Looking to connect your Thermoworks Smoke to your WiFi & phone? Check out the Thermoworks Smoke Gateway


  • Includes base unit, Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe, Pro-Series High-Temp Air Probe & Grate Clip, and the Wireless Smoke Receiver (with a lanyard!)
  • Smoke™ reads within +/- 1.8°F - you'll never need a calibration adjustment (but feel free to use the CAL function to reach an accuracy better than +\- 1°F)
  • Dual-channel allows you to have one probe for the meat and the other for the grilling/smoking unit
  • Splashproof and water resistant design
  • Product is red in colour
  • Battery life lasts up to 1800 hours! (Both the Smoke™ and the receiver each take 2x AA batteries)
  • Backlight display works wonders when smoking late in the evening
  • Incredible extended 300-feet transmission range between the receiver and the base unit
  • Ability to swap between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Measuring range is -58 to 572°F (or -49.9 to 299.9°C)
  • Ideal for any competition BBQ teams, at-home smokers, or any avid griller alike
  • Check Out the Smoke Gateway to add WiFi connectivity to your Smoke device!



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