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  • True Smokin' North Wood Chips - Maple


True Smokin' North Wood Chips - Maple


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True North Wood Chips - We've been doing business with the company that makes these chips for over 20 years. How can you tell this company is Canadian? Well, its chips are about the size of a loonie. The True North name is a dead give-away. And if you read the bag, it says Product of Canada.

Available in a selection of six delectable flavours, you can add whichever flavour of smoke you'd like at a great price. Not sure which one you'd like? Pick up the True North Wood Chip Six Pack. While yes, a six pack of beer helps me make great decisions, we mean a six pack of wood chips. Get a bag of each for a nice bargain!


Maple Flavour Profile:

Well, of course, a Canadian company would have maple wood chips. And wouldn't you know it: the chips are about the size of a loonie. Makes a person proud, it does. Experienced grillers suggest you use maple chips for poultry, vegetables and ham. It's mild and smoky and kind of sweet, like a fruit-tree wood. Warning: over use of these chips can lead to the spontaneous singing of Oh Canada. 


 Check out this Food for Thought blog post, Smoking 101, for some info on getting things started.


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900 grams