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Valor Legend G4 Gas Insert Fireplace

Valor Legend G4 Gas Insert Fireplace


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Whether it's family time, romance, quiet alone time, or noisy holidays - a fireplace is what you need. The Valor Legend G4 Gas Insert Fireplace will add ambiance while evenly warming your home.

The Valor Legend G4 Series is engineered to easily fit into existing fireplace openings without having to sacrifice high quality performance or eye-catching appearance. That makes it a great unit to convert your wood fireplace cavity into a gas fireplace. 

Be amazed with the G4's flame viewing area that'll compliment your home and turn the room into what you envisioned, a warm and welcoming place to make meaningful memories.

Not only does the G4 look great, it also increases your home's overall efficiency with Autofire (see features tab). It doesn't end there, like other Valors, it provides an easy-to-use heat control remote and distributes warmth effectively. Additionally, Valor fireplaces do not use any electricity - if the power goes out on a cold night, you'll be just as warm.



Valor Legend G4 Series Gas Fireplace Insert Features and Specifications


  • Click here to see the Valor Legend G4 Series brochure.


  • Make it yours: six different fuel beds, four firebox liners, and twelve fronts to choose from.
  • Valorstat remote control: one of the best features Valor offers, allows you to on/off the fireplace, choose times for the fireplace to start, set temperature, set timer, heighten/lower the flame, and more (it's a very convenient tool).
  • Uses AutoFire: easy startup with automatically adjusted air flow, saves energy with improved operation efficiencies, and most uniquely, fine tunes your fireplace to establish the best performance.
  • Increases the home's overall energy efficiency.
  • Uses Zone Heating to distribute warmth strategically throughout your home.Valor Legend G4 Series Gas Fireplace Insert BTUs
  • Click here to see the Valor Legend G4 Series brochure.


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