Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer

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The future is now people. The Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth wireless thermometer lets you control the temperature in your barbecue, straight from your Bluetooth connected phone or tablet. Monitor up to four temperatures, set alarms and reminders, and mystify all your guests with this barbecue magic.

If there's one thing all people love - it's a device you can control through your phone. From indoor lights, to your TV, to even locking your car, there are a million things these days that you can control via an app on your phone.

Smoking or grilling a roast or brisket takes time, typically the better part of a day if you're serious. It can be pretty easy to lose track of time after that long - especially if your Dad taught you the ultimate grilling rule, "always have a beer in your hand". The iGrill even has an alarm setting to wake you up from the deepest of afternoon naps.

  • Four probe capacity - includes two meat probes, so you can monitor up to four different temperatures at once
  • Includes two of Weber's iGrill™ Meat Temperature Probes - this iGrill™ supports 4 probes, thus you can get some more or try adding the Weber iGrill™ Ambient Temperature Probe for an accurate reading of the grill temperature itself 
  • 150' Line of Sight Bluetooth Smart Connection
  • 200 hour battery life - if only our phone batteries promised the same output
  • Fancy illuminated display works perfectly for those all night smokes
  • The proximity wake up feature is a little creepy - but then again, your phone sees (and knows) all
  • Connect to multiple barbecues at once
  • Measures -22F - 572F or -30C to 300C
  • Magnetic stand which can stick to your stainless steel side shelves (well, as long as it is not a 304 stainless steel - we apologize, but that high grade stuff is not magnetic at all!)
  • App available in the App Store™ and Google Play™ Store

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