Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer

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You may think that you are dreaming. But no, you truly did stumble upon a device which pairs your grilling experience to your phone or tablet. That's right, with the Weber iGrill™ 3, you'll be able to get your phone or tablet to notify you exactly when your food is cooked and ready to be served (jaws are dropping, aren't they?).  

The Weber iGrill™ 3 is designed exclusively for the new Weber Genesis™ II and Genesis™ II LX series of gas grills. If you've got a Genesis™ II, then this Bluetooth™ connected thermometer can be permanently mounted to the grill's right side shelf.

With the iGrill™, you'll be able to set the meat type, or the min/max temperature you would like the grill or meat to reach. Once those settings have been met, your phone or tablet will notify you when it is all ready to go. For propane Genesis™ II models, this thermometer will also offer you fuel level detection. To get started, just download the app from the App Store™ or the Google Play™ Store. 


  • Exclusively designed for the Weber Genesis™ II and Genesis™ II LX barbecues - mounts directly onto the grill's side shelf!
  • Set the meat type on your phone or tablet and the iGrill™ will notify you when the meat is cooked to perfection!
  • Includes two of Weber's iGrill™ Meat Temperature Probes - but, it can support up to FOUR probes!
  • Add up to two more probes - consider more meat probes, or gather an accurate reading of the grill's temperature with Weber's iGrill™ Ambient Temperature Probe designed just for this unit!
  • 250 hours worth of battery life - think your phone battery can outlast that?
  • Bluetooth™ connectivity with 150 feet working radius
  • Ability to control the knob lights on the Weber Genesis™ II LX models
  • For propane Genesis™ II models - this will replace the fuel gauge as it will notify you the fuel level on your phone or tablet (it's the future after all, isn't it?)
  • Has a protective cover to ensure it can be permanently mounted to the side shelf - don't you worry about damaging it (especially if you've already got yourself a heavy-duty cover for the whole grill)
  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet - pair it with the Weber iGrill™ app found on the App Store™ or the Google Play™ Store
  • If you do not own a Weber Genesis™ II but would like all these neat features, then get yourself a Weber iGrill™ 2 (a model designed for all gas and charcoal grills)

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