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  • Weber Wood Chunks - Hickory


Weber Wood Chunks - Hickory


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These four-pound bags of Weber wood chunks come in five delicious flavours for endless possibilities! Weber wood chunks are a little bigger than most - say, about the size of a 10-year-old's fist or seven loonies, piled on top of one another. You don't have to be born with a banjo or sleep beside your smoker, night after night, to get some smoke flavour into your food. Nowadays, anybody can do it, using any kind of barbecue. We've got all the supplies (and free advice) you need. And we're not just blowing smoke.


There was a time when all baseball bats were made of hickory because of its high energy content. (Or wait? Maybe that's why it's highly prized for burning?) In any event, hickory has always been popular at barbecues, south of the Mason-Dixon line. Now, it's smoking things up here, north of the 49th parallel and above the great lakes, too. Hickory is not for the feckless. It has a distinct flavour, almost bacon-like. So be judicious in its use with pork, chicken, beef, wild game and cheese.