4 Benefits Of An Electric Fireplace

You've been looking into potentially getting a fireplace for weeks, maybe months, and you're not convinced you should put all that money and effort into a gas fireplace, but you're limited in your installation options. You've started to look into electric fireplaces, but you're not fully convinced it might be the right choice. Your brother's friend's uncle's cousin once said they didn't like theirs because the flame was "outdated." Well, we're here to put your worries to rest and give you a full run down of all of the benefits an electric fireplace can provide your home!

Amantii Symmetry 34" Electric Fireplace

1. Cost

One of the most significant benefits of electric fireplaces is their relative cost compared to alternatives. With gas fireplaces, you're typically in the $3000-$5000 and up range (and that's before installation). Add in the time and effort of installation, potential contractors, and mantel construction; it can be a large undertaking for the ol' bank account. That's not to say that gas fireplaces aren't a phenomenal addition and investment into your home, however, those looking for something a little lighter on the purse strings, electric fireplaces are a fantastic option.

2. Convenience of Installation

Gas fireplaces can range on cost and effort, however, the process can be more than what you originally imagined. Like we said above, gas fireplace installation often come with an indoor construction project. With electric fireplaces, you don't have to worry about all of that. With a simple wall-mounted (wall-hung) unit, all you need is to add is a wall bracket and properly mount your unit. Even a partially or fully recessed unit has a small installation footprint when compared to their gas counterparts. This option holds especially true for those who live in a condo, apartment, or smaller space. You might not even have the option to install that gas fireplace with all of the venting required, so an electric fireplace is the perfect alternative!

Amantii Symmetry 60" Extra-Tall Electric Fireplace

3. Décor

Not to be Captain Obvious here, but we have to say it anyway. An electric fireplace is a fantastic way to enhance your rooms décor and ambiance. Whether it's an insert, wallmount, or in-wall unit, an electric fireplace is an eye catching addition to any space. It's a feature to build your media set-up around, and something to gaze into as you slowly lose focus in your in-law's conversation. With all of the new technology updates and additions to these units, electric fireplaces have captured the essence and allure or real flames, leaving behind the outdated stigma that they aren't realistic.

4. No Combustible Fuels

Electric fireplaces are pretty much plug and play, which means all you have to do is plug the unit in and turn it on. With that, you don't have the venting and gas flow that comes with a wood or gas fireplaceNow we realize this this isn't a huge worry for most people, and gas fireplaces are extremely safe if installation is done properly, but we know some of you with little ones or fur babies running around are looking for a more fool-proof alternative. This also means you can put your electric fireplace into some unique spaces in your home to add some extra ambiance and value. 

Amantii E-70 Freestanding Electric Fireplace


If you have anymore questions regarding electric fireplaces, visit our frequently asked questions page. You can also contact any of our 5 locations across Canada to talk to a fireplace expert. We have two locations in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations, as well as 3 across the GTA: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario.


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