4 Top Tips to Make your Living Room Cozy

If you've been feeling like you're in a rut, or you're looking for some new design inspo to give your home a fresh look, you've come to the right place. We're here to give you some tips and tricks to help cozy up your living room this season to help get you through those winter blues and into those summer hues. 

1. Add A Fireplace

Well, we have to start here. They're our favourite part of almost every room and an electric or gas fireplace instantly revitalizes and enhances any living room. If you're looking for something lower on the cost side that doesn't require the same installation process, an electric fireplace is the perfect addition to a living room. If warmth and show-stopping power is your goal, a gas fireplace is a perfect fit.

Design Inspiration and Fireplace Installation by Barbecues Galorehttps://barbecuesgalore.ca/products/napoleon-nefp325019w-stylus-cara-wall-mount-electric-fireplace


2. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

If you've felt like you're in the same daily rut, cleaning and re-arranging your furniture is a way to instantly turn around your spirits. It creates new angles, sparks new imagination, and helps get those brain juices flowing in new ways. It's also a great chance to try some things to figure out the coziest way to set up your living room.

3. Add Decorative Accessories

Adding in some new elements can help fill your space to make it seem homier, warmer, and more cozy. Try something like a Cast Iron Fireplace Grate with some logs, some side tables, throw blankets, and pillows!


4. Whitewash The Brick

White washing your fireplace or exposed brick is a great way to add a fresh flare to your living room. By painting it white, you can make the space look brighter and larger and can help give your space that light and airy feel.

If you've ever thought about white washing your brick, but you're not sure where to start, check out our How To Whitewash Your Brick Blog post!

Whitewashed Brick at Barbecues Galore

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