Fireplace Facts: Why is Radiant Heat Preferred?

Radiant heat is nothing new, but it is something worth the money.
In fact, it is the oldest, most basic, primary and effective form of heating. If you're a Canadian, then you must be like us: vast supporters of the basics and more importantly, enjoy not having frost bite.
So what is radiant heat, why is it so good and is it expensive? 



Radiant heat technology differs from normal heating, in that invisible rays are directly absorbed into objects in the vicinity. By emitting electromagnetic infrared waves this type of heating spreads and is absorbed by the people and furniture in its path, as opposed to other methods of simply heating the air in the room without the objects directly heating up. This means that you never have to position a cold bean bag chair in front of a heater ever again! Radiant heat is, quite literally, a warm hug. Need we say more?


  • The Sweet Sound of Silence: unlike many radiators, heating systems and fireplace fans, Valor's Radiant Heat Technology makes little to no noise and  use natural convection, therefore they do not require electricity or the use of fans.
  • Clean Air: Valor only outputs cleaner air, free of dust particles, fumes and pollutants. The radiant technology will keep your furniture, fabrics and air circulation fresh.
  • Efficiency and Minimal Maintenance: Valor's Radiant Gas Fireplaces use a unique burner technology that maximizes the radiant output. This means you could use an air furnace of the same BTU's, but not get the same effect you would with a Valor fireplace. This results in less energy costs.
  • No Additional Expenses: Radiant heat fireplaces will become part of the family, because they're hard to get rid of. You will have one of these units for a long time, because of their cost-saving methods. Valor fireplaces are full functional heaters that require no electricity and will be ther for you during a power outage.
  • Surfaces, like the glass guard, are not prone to losing heat, therefore no need to overheat your home.

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