Gas Fireplace or Electric Fireplace: Installation and Setup

When you're considering the pros and cons of a gas fireplace over an electric fireplace, one important step you cannot overlook is the installation and setup of each fireplace type. 

Gas Fireplace:

First and foremost, installing a gas fireplace will almost always be more expensive, but that's because it's a much more complex process than installing an electric fireplace. Despite the higher installation costs, a gas fireplace will provide a better and longer home heating solution. So, what is can potentially in these installation costs? You may have to run a gas line, install a chimney, or construct framing for the new gas fireplace. Due to these kinds of project costs, most people will install a gas fireplace during other home improvement and renovation projects. 

Electric Fireplace:

An electric fireplace is a lot easier and less costly to install. So easy, that most people won't need a professional technician for their electric fireplace installation. Depending on your choice of electric fireplace, wall-mounted, recessed, built-in, or stand-alone electric fireplaces, your installation costs may vary. 

Your electric fireplace won't require any venting or a chimney, which brings down the cost of this project significantly. In most cases people choose to hang their fireplace as a wall-mount fireplace to avoid any installation costs.

So, what is the better type of fireplace when it comes to the installation and setup process for a some wanting a fireplace? It's the electric fireplace. Why? It's a less costly, faster, and requires less renovation to make it work - which is something a lot more applicable to the general populations needs for their living space. 

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 Valor Gas Fireplace Installation

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