Gas Fireplace or Electric Fireplace: Maintenance and Safety

This blog posts explains the differences between maintenance and safety in gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces, because purchasing a fireplace is a long-term decision - and we're here to help you with it.

Gas Fireplaces:

Maintaining a gas fireplace demands frequent care and annual servicing. Doing so will protect your investment for it's long lifespan. For optimal upkeep, a routine of dusting the glass and surrounding areas of the fireplace will be needed. Also it's highly recommended by the industry standard to schedule an annual fireplace servicing to guarantee the efficient and safe operation of your gas fireplace. As an extra layer of safety, we also recommend you install carbon monoxide detectors in your home to ensure your fireplace is always properly ventilated year after year.

Electric Fireplaces:

When it comes to electric fireplaces, you'll be pleased to know that they need minimal maintenance. To keep them in pristine condition, regular dusting and minimal interior cleaning is all that is needed. One notable advantage of electric fireplaces is their reduced risk compared to their gas fireplace counterparts. Nevertheless, it's recommended you do regular visual inspections of the power cord and outlet to guarantee the safety of your home. 


So, which fireplace type is the easiest to maintain and keep safe? Electric fireplaces win here because there's no need for annual inspections or difficult servicing processes.

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