Series Review: Dimplex IgniteXL® Linear Electric Fireplace

Arguably one of our most popular linear electric fireplace series, the IgniteXL® Series from Dimplex is loaded with value, and displays one of the most alluring and realistic flames electric fireplaces have to offer. We're here to highlight this Dimplex series to show you some of the reasons why this might be the electric fireplace you choose to install into your home.

Dimplex XLF 60"


Beginning with design, the Dimplex IgniteXL series is hard to beat as the fireplace offers an edge to edge glass viewing area, with an extremely sleek and slim design and beautiful panoramic views.

Along with a beautiful panoramic view, the IgniteXL offers backlit touch controls (along with a remote control), so when the controls aren't in use, you can't see the buttons on the fireplace, providing a clean look. 

Lastly, you can't talk about design inspo without talking about the IngiteXL's beautiful Multi-Fire XD Flame Effect, diamond like acrylic media bed, and colour options. As we said before, the Dimplex IgniteXL offers one of the most realistic flames the industry has to offer, and the acrylic media bed helps it dance on an ocean of glass.

The Dimplex IgniteXL also comes in a variety of sizes such as: 50" 60" 74" and 100" making it the ideal installation for almost any and all scenarios.



People often talk about the benefits of having a gas fireplace, but electric fireplaces have plenty to rave about as well, especially the Dimplex IgniteXL.

One of the top benefits of this fireplace is the patented Comfort$aver® ceramic heater, which according to Dimplex uses 11% less energy than the leading quartz infrared heater. The fire may be red, but you'll be seeing lots of green too! 

The Dimplex IngiteXL comes with a heat boost, which outputs it's maximum heat for a pre-determined amount of time.

Dimplex XLF 74 | Barbecues Galore

Lastly, with no real flame, the Dimplex glass stays cool to the touch, making it a safe alternative to gas powered fireplaces if you are scared of pets or children touching the fireplace screen.



The IgniteXL offers a slimline design with a depth of 5 7/8". These units can be fully recessed into any 2" x 6" wall construction. It can also be semi-recessed into a 2"x4" installation with the purchase of an optional trim kit. 

Now, this unit is a hardwire only model only, meaning it does not come with a standard plug, but must be hardwired into either 120V or 240V. Whether you choose 120V or 240V dictates how much power and output your unit has. 120V gives you an output of 5118 BTU's heating up to approximately 500 sq. ft. While 240V gives you an output of 8530 BTU's heating up to approximately 1000 sq. ft.

Dimplex IgniteXL® 60" linear Electric Fireplace In Living Room | Barbecues Galore



Although it's minor, some people browsing the fireplace market may find the installation process cumbersome compared to other electric fireplace models that can be plugged in. More specifically, the need to hardwire your Dimplex Ignite is more work than the typical electric fireplace goer wants to sign up for. However, as long as you don't mind a little construction in your home, the Dimplex Ignite unit will be a long lasting member of your home.


Final Review on the Dimplex Ignite XL Series


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