Grilling Mushrooms


Dear Dr. McGrillemup,
I'm not sure my family and I are going to like grilled mushrooms. Is there a way to quickly try grilled mushrooms so that we know whether we'll like them or not?
Mike Ological



Dear Mike,
You bet there is. Here's what you do:
1.) take a Portobello mushroom from the grocery store
2.) drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar (don't be shy) on the gills
3.) place on a hot grill (stem pointed up) for about seven minutes
4.) flip mushroom over and grill for another five minutes
5.) remove from grill and slice into thin sections. Use this grilled mushroom as a topping for pizza, burgers or steak.
If you don't like this mushroom you're just not that into fungus.
Good luck,
Doctor M

Here are some recipes using mushrooms!

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