Grilling Fruit

Sure, you could just eat fruit raw; nothing wrong with that. But, grilling fruit, concentrates the natural sugars and makes something sweet even sweeter. If you add some additional flavours to the mix (like fresh mint, nutmeg or cocoa), you can make a really fresh dessert in just a few minutes and look like a grill-guru in front of all your guests.

Just about any fruit can be grilled. Obviously, the softer fruits can tolerate less heat and need to be monitored closely. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of grilled apples and don't think melons are a good idea at all but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Really important to scrub your grills like crazy before you put the fruit on the barbecue. Once you've served someone a dessert that tastes like curried lamb or cedar planked salmon, your claim on grill-master status is forever scorched.

If you're planning on grilling fruit after dinner, leave your grill on high after you've removed the main course. Give it a thorough scrubbing after ten minutes or so of high heat. Then scrub it again before you put the fruit on. This may be another good opportunity for us to remind you that, like anything else in this world, grill brushes come in high quality and low quality versions. Do yourself a favour and get a good one that cleans quickly and removes as much gunk as possible.

Every fruit grilling recipe is essentially this: heat fruit, splash on some spice, or booze, or both and serve with some ice cream. Nice and simple. And there's nothing wrong with simple. Embrace it. You probably have too much complexity in your life as it is.

Give these grilled fruit recipes a try!

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