Have you been enjoying our late summer? Ours has been fantastic. Oh sure, the weather this spring was only a few degrees shy of apocalyptic but the end of summer has been outstanding. Can't remember better weather in August and September. Lots of heat and plenty of sunshine. Perfect grilling conditions. And now, October is upon us: the creepy month with all the dried leaves skittering along the sidewalk. The Halloween month. The bacon month.

That's right the bacon month.  That glorious treatment of pork belly that smells so good and tastes even better. Did you know that, traditionally, 70% of all bacon in North America was eaten at breakfast? That's changing as people want to spread the magic throughout the day and, naturally, the goodness of bacon wiggles its way into the world of barbecue on a regular basis. From bacon on hamburgers, to bacon wrapped asparagus - we're big fans. However, while we're probably the last folks you want to be behind in the buffet line-up at Denny's, we don't subscribe to some of the current 'Bacon Mania' that you might have seen happening in the foodosphere recently. We leave that to others. Frankly, we'd rather eat it than wear it as t-shirts, band-aids or bikinis (although, if you feel the need to share pictures of yourself in bacon bikinis we can be reached at

For a (hopefully) comprehensive list of the best that the wacky world of bacon has to offer (including the 'Mr. Bacon VS Monsieur Tofu Action Figures' - honestly, what do the people in Chinese factories think of us as they're packaging this stuff?), click here - you'll be glad you did.

Here are some Recipes that use Bacon!

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