3 Tips To Eating Barbecue The Healthy Way

We know what you're thinking, "Eating barbecue and eating healthy just don't mix." Well, we advise you to lose your prejudices while reading on because we're going to tell you that's not true.


When it comes down to it, grilling your food should theoretically be better than pan frying. Just think about it: you can use much less oil and/or butter that would have soaked into your food when in a pan. Additionally, fat will drip out of your meat and onto your grills and cook box, where it'll be burnt away into a flavourful aroma and no longer be extra fat or calories in your meal. So, the question stands: why does barbecue have a stigma of being unhealthy?

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It boils down to what is most popularly seen on social media, barbecue competitions, TV, Netflix documentaries, and more. When people think "barbecue" they immediately think saucy ribs, fatty pork belly, extra cheesy hamburgers, etc. Of course, these are the foods that make your mouth water, so they always will be the stars of the show.

At the end of the day, a barbecue is an appliance for cooking and what you cook determines the health factor. We're not saying give up the ribs and pork belly forever, but it's definitely healthy consumed in moderation. Here are tips on how to eat healthy and while enjoying your barbecue:

Health Tip 1: Get Colourful

Practically every vegetable and fruit can be grilled, making them taste a little more favourable for those reluctant to eat "rabbit food." It not only tastes great, it makes your meal balanced. If grilling the healthy stuff isn't your thing, you can always keep it raw and pair your grilled eats with a fresh salad. For example: serve salad instead of fries to pair with your next burger. Sides don't always have to be cheesy potatoes - although we do understand this tasty decision.

Bonus Tip: Arugula salad with some cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese will compliment your burger beautifully.

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Health Tip 2: Choose Lean + Less Fatty Proteins

While ribs and pork belly are always a fan favourite, it's healthier to choose lean meats, like chicken, bison, turkey, or fish for eating in your day-to-day. If you want red meat, opt for extra lean, which is available in majority of grocery stores or meat shops. We also recommend going skinless and trimming away any visible fats.

Bonus Tip: Check out this blog post about the health benefits of bison by clicking here.

Health Tip 3: Be Mindful of Condiments

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Condiments seem very, very harmless, but it adds up. Picture this: you've got ketchup on your burger, mayo-based aioli for your fries, and a splash of hot sauce on everything else (because why not?). It might look like a couple tablespoons of each one, but it's actually a ton of sugar, sodium, fat, and calories. 

Bonus Tip: We don't shun condiments here, I mean, we do sell a ton of seasonings and sauces. We just encourage you to be mindful. Maybe stick to one barbecue sauce to dip everything in, or try sauces with no sugar, such as regular mustard, or sodium-free products (which we carry). 

We hope these tips towards healthy grilling give you some inspiration for your next dinner on the 'que! 

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