Best Thermometers for Cooking Turkey

Imagine your turkey is on your barbecue and while it cooks, you can hang out and have a drink with friends because you aren't concerned about overcooking the turkey. Why? You went to Barbecues Galore to pickup a wireless, Bluetooth or WIFI-connected, digital meat thermometer that notifies you when the turkey is cooked.

If you hate constantly having to go outside to check on your turkey, or anything you cook for that matter, you need a proper wireless thermometer, also called "remote thermometers." Lucky for you, we've got the best remote thermometers for the best price you'll find in Canada, especially with our Price Promise policy. For those of you who are new to the grilling game, here are some commonly asked questions and other blog posts that'll help you with cooking turkey, including recipes. For those of you who are veteran pitmasters, scroll down to see our "Best Wireless Thermometers" selection below.

What is a Wireless or Remote Thermometer?

Simply put, it's a thermometer that you can use without a direct connection from your food to the reading display, due to a transmitter to a receiver.

What are the Different Types of Wireless Thermometers?

There are two notable types of wireless thermometers. The first and most basic type uses a transmitter and receiver, in which you will see your temperatures on the receiver as you plug a thermometer probe into the transmitter. These are now considered to be a tad outdated, as people generally use the next type of remote thermometer. Speaking of, the second type of wireless thermometer that's more commonly used are the Bluetooth and/or WIFI connection thermometers, so that they can be conveniently connected to smart phones through their own app. The Brander Barbecue Brain 3.0 is a perfect example of this.

Why Should I Use A Wireless Thermometer Over The Instant Read Thermometer I Already Have?

Remember that opening your barbecue lid slows down the cooking process as the stored heat creating the ambient temperature will be lost. That being said, some of the best instant read thermometers still take up to 3 seconds to read internal temperatures accurately. By the time you get a reading, all your ambient heat will dissipate into the air. You'll also likely have to do this a few times, which can only tediously add time to your cook. So, a wireless thermometer also provides peace of mind in addition to optimal temperature tracking.

More Resources For You

Best Wireless Thermometers

MEATER+ Wireless Thermometer

Get up to 50 meters of wireless range with the Bluetooth capabilities built-in right into the probe. That makes this fan favourite thermometer 100% wireless. With it's many capabilities, such as guided cooking system, advanced estimator algorithm, and connectivity suite, this thermometer not only tracks your cooking, but it helps make you a better cook. Click here for more information.

MEATER Plus Wireless bluetooth thermometer


Brander Barbecue Brain 3.0 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer

With the third iteration of the popular Brander Barbecue Brain series, you can get up to 6 different temperature readings in 6 different spots of your turkey. Just download the app from the App Store™ or Google Play™ Store to get started and get up to 196 feet of connectivity range. Click here for more information.


Barbecue Brain Jr.

Easily stored in a drawer or pocket, this 1 sq. in. Bluetooth thermometer and probe send all the readings and information straight to your phone. The convenient app will give you suggested times and temperatures based on what you're cooking




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