Part 2 Of the Complete Christmas Dinner: Barbecue Spatchcock Holiday Turkey Recipe

For the holidays this month, we're going to show you four simple recipes that will add a ton of flavour to your table! We're going to have to break them down into 3 parts (see below). Subscribe to our newsletter to see them first!

The Menu:

Part 1: Smoked Cream Cheese Appetizer and Barbecue Potato Casserole for the Side Dish (click here)

Part 2: Barbecue Spatchcock Holiday Turkey (the recipe you are currently on!)

Part 3: Smoked Cherry Bourbon Smash Cocktail and Smoked Blackberry Streusel for Dessert (coming soon)


Entree: Barbecue Spatchcock Holiday Turkey

Finally, say "hello" to the dish we've been waiting all year for. Nothing tops a Barbecue Spatchcock Turkey for your annual holiday feast.


Necessary Accessories:

Spatchcock Directions:

STEP 1: Brine your Turkey as directed by your Fire & Flavor Apple Sage Turkey Brine Kit.


STEP 2: After the turkey has brined, remove it and lightly pat the turkey dry. Be sure to get almost all the leftovers off that turkey.


STEP 3: Flip the turkey over and find it's backbone. Now, use strong Butcher Shears to cut alongside the backbone, from one end of the bird to the other. Next, cut along the other side to remove it completely. Remember to keep as close to the backbone as you can because you don't want to lose any of that tasty turkey goodness.


STEP 4: Place the turkey breast-side-up on a cutting board. Push the breasts down to flatten the turkey, then pull the drumsticks down and together to create the classic spatchcock shape.

STEP 6: Fold the tips of the wings backward under the breast to keep them in place. Congratulations, you now have a Spatchcocked Turkey.  

STEP 7: Now for the fun part. Rub the Wildly Delicious Smoked Oil (Maplewood) all over the bird, and start seasoning with the Kosmo’s Q Honey Chipotle Killer Bee and Kosmo’s Q Dirty Bird Rub. Don't be shy, go heavy with the seasoning.

STEP 8: Flip the bird over and season the inside cavity. Once you're done with that, flip the Turkey back over to the breast-side-up position, and unleash more of that barbecue blizzard down on the bird. We used the Kosmo’s Q Dirty Bird Rub, then Kosmo’s Q Honey Chipotle Killer Bee, then Blues Hog Sweet and Savory.


STEP 9: When your bird is fully covered, place it on your barbecue rack. Next, place the rack in your favourite smoker and get ready to cook.


Cook Directions:

STEP 1: Set your grill for 300°F and add your 2 blocks of Montana Smoking Wood Chunks Sugar Maple.

STEP 2: Once your grill is hot and ready, place your turkey onto the grill rack to cook. Be sure to close that lid nice and tight!

STEP 3: After about 30 minutes, rotate your turkey 180° so it has the opportunity to cook evenly. 

STEP 4: Add 1 handful of True North Woodchips Cherry for that smoky flavour you're going to fall in love with later. Continue to cook.

STEP 5: After another 30 minutes (right now, you should be about an hour into the cooking time):

You can rotate the bird 90° every 30 minutes until the internal temperature is 162°F. (Rotating is not completely necessary unless there are hotspots on your grill and it is unevenly heated).

OR you can grab a large roasting pan or aluminum pan, cut one half of your margarine squares into the pan, then carefully grab the turkey from the inside of the cavity to place it into the pan. Place more margarine squares on top and rightly place tin foil over it. Now cook until 165°F.

Side notes: When measuring the temperature of your turkey (or any other meat) you should measure the thickest part of the meat. 

STEP 6: After your turkey has reached 165°F, prepare for your willpower to be tested because you'll have to take the bird off the grill and let it rest for another 45-60 minutes. 

STEP 7: Did you wait and let the turkey rest? If you did, you can get to carving and enjoying your Barbecue Spatchcock Turkey the Barbecues Galore way!

There it is! You've got your delicious main dish ready for your holiday dinner. Stay tuned for the third part of our Complete Christmas Dinner to get the smokiest drink and dessert combo you've had all year! So, subscribe to our newsletter, where we write weekly blog posts about grill tips and tricks, and of course, recipes! Smoked Cherry Bourbon Smash Cocktail and Smoked Blackberry Streusel for dessert is up next!

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Recipe written by barbecue enthusiast Andrew Plaza. Follow him on Instagram for more barbecue goodness by clicking here.

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