Grilling Fruit - An Easy Dessert

Here’s the tip:  grill some fruit and put some ice cream on it. 

Sounds easy right?  Yeah well, it is. 

Just about any fruit can be grilled and will taste fantastic, especially if there is a reasonable amount of sugar in the fruit.  The heat from the barbecue caramelizes and enhances the natural sweetness and brings your dessert to smoky new heights. And what’s the biggest upside to grilling your fruit for a barbecued dessert?  Simplicity?  Cost? Fun? Fibre?  No, the biggest upside is that your family and friends will think you’re some sort of grilling wizard. 

It’s funny, you can diligently slow-cook a beef brisket for eighteen hours and your friends just think you’ve got too much time on your hands.  But, grill them some dessert for ten minutes and people think that you’re a forward thinking, astronaut-quality, mensa member that’s good with pets and babies.  Call it the “grilled dessert halo effect”.  Trust us.  Try it.

For a good idea of what fruits can be grilled and how long they’ll take to cook, see this handy chart from Weber: Grilled Fruit Chart



Give these grilled fruit recipes a try!

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