3 Reasons Why a Quality Outdoor Kitchen Will Improve Your Life

How do you know if you need an outdoor kitchen? The answer is simple, if you like having people over and socializing while you cook, then you should get an outdoor kitchen. This goes for the average backyard entertainer and the big businesses alike - outdoor kitchens and/or commercial grills are the way to please your guests on a new level. Why? Because food is special. Since the dawn of time, sharing a meal with someone means you're friends and not foes (unless you're on death row - yikes).

Lynx Built In Grill - Turn your Backyard into a Personal Paradise

To have mutual trust in someone enough to break bread with them means you've got each others' backs. Nowadays, with a little less survival instinct involved, the quality of food has become of the utmost importance when building relationships over dinner. Think about it... you wouldn't invite your boss and coworkers over and feed them expiring canned beans for dinner, just to send them on their way... would you? Well, maybe if they deserved it... then all the power to you! Most of us, however, would probably serve our boss a nice juicy grilled steak with a side of perfectly baked potatoes or lasagna.

We say all that to say this: you give high quality experiences to the people you care about. And to do that, you'll need a high quality grill. That's where reputable brands like: Canada's own Crown Verity, Hestan, DCS, and Napoleon come in. These brands have provided North Americans the utmost quality barbecues, being reliable sources for not only backyard kitchens, but also steakhouses, golf courses, country clubs, and more.

Hestan Luxury BBQ Grills at Barbecues Galore

Not yet convinced on why you need a quality outdoor kitchen? Well, then let's get to the specifics:

Reason 1: The Durability

When you get an outdoor kitchen, you're not just buying a big grill. Your obtaining the tried and true durability of these machines that the professionals vouch for. One thing you'll notice when shopping around for built-in outdoor grills is the prominence of heavy duty #304 grade stainless steel. Not only does this stainless steel make your machine look incredibly sleek, but it also serves a practical purpose you'll be thankful for decades to come. Stainless steel, as you may know, never rusts. Well "never" is a heavy-loaded word, but as long as you take care of your grill, it will seriously last multiple lifetimes. 

Side note: Stainless steel will never rust in the molecular oxidizing process that corrodes other metals. However, corrosive fluids, cleaners, humidity, and salinity can result in stainless steel corrosion. So, as long as your fully stainless steel grill is taken care of, it can literally last forever. 

Take Crown Verity for example, the Canadian-made brand of barbecues uses as much stainless steel as they possibly can when engineerong their grills. This places the quality of Crown Verity grills construction above other brands. Don't believe us? Check out this article (appx. 2 min. read), Giving "Durability" a Whole New Beauty: How Crown Verity Withstood a Hurricane.

Watch this video, Crown Verity's Infinite Series Overview (1:52):

Although Crown Verity is famously known for their stainless steel construction, all of the outdoor kitchen brands listed above are too - most notably, DCS.

Reason 2: The Functionality

Yes, DCS also has a great solid stainless steel construction. However, they also have a great deal of modular components that set them apart from the other brands. Again, yes, the other brands have this too, but they haven't done it quite like DCS. 

DCS 9 Series at Barbecues Galore

With DCS and their Series 7 and Series 9 lineups, you can truly move all of your cooking outdoors. From the massive grill heads to the ice makers, everything is more or less modular. This benefits you because you can make your outdoor kitchen the way you want it, without restrictions. With multiple options for side burners, storage, refrigeration, and even patio heaters, DCS takes the cake in customization. 

With a little bit of imagination and a good contractor, you can create your perfect outdoor kitchen that your family will love into the next generation. Which brings us to the next reason..

Reason 3: The Investment


The built-in outdoor kitchens will last for years to come, which is why they almost always have a lifetime warranty on them. That being said, there's two kinds of ROI's (return on investment) that you're sure to get. First, it'll increase the value of your property if you decide to sell it. Secondly, whether it's your family or the next, the experiences an outdoor kitchen can facilitate is like no other. Just imagine it... everyone from the grandparents to the grand kids will be gathered around in your backyard having a great time full of laughs while eating the best barbecue they've ever had. Other than an outdoor kitchen, we're pretty sure only Christmas can bring the family together that perfectly! Just look at all the food you could make for your loved ones on a grill like the colourful Aspire by Hestan


As you can see, "good quality" has a ton of definitions that all apply to outdoor kitchens. Whether you're talking about durability, functionality, financial investment - or more importantly, quality time with your family and friends - having a built-in outdoor kitchen truly facilitates wonders for the people you care about. We'd even say it improves your quality of life - now, what else could you ask for? 

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