Eating Our Way Through Stampede

Whether you waited around with a piggy bank and your broken in cowboy boots in hand, or you shrunk away from the hay bails and colourful plaid, there is still no doubt that all of Calgary will be participating in some type of Stampede event this week. 

If you didn't make it to the grounds this year, maybe you hosted your own Cowboy Kick-off Cookout on a charcoal smoker, like the Broil King Keg Trevor is cooking on here or a griddle, similar to what we used for our hashbrowns and pancakes this Stampede Breakfast
Invitation reading: "Hats Allowed, Plaid Stays Home?" 
Trevor Cooking on the Broil King Charcoal Keg

Maybe you just enjoyed the nightly firework show from your backyard; sitting in the comfort of your own patio furniture and enjoying the fire pit. 

Barbecues Galore Calgary locations are well into the festivities with some of our expert taste testers even on-site at the Calgary Stampede. Many of our staff went straight for the footlong freak fries smothered in garlic sauce and raved afterwards. How they managed to make these french fries so long will have to remain a mystery. 

Mini Donuts - A staple at any carnival, were had. The regular vendor was nowhere in sight, but these doughy and sugar coated babies were still a hit. 

Deep fried squid and corn dogs covered in hot cheeto dust.

These two Stampedin' Samples were part of that infamous Stampede Foodie List - you know the one? The list consists of the most absurd and overpriced creations vendors can think of and we were a sucker for those. Curiosity got the best of us and we aren't complaining. 

Although seafood on a hot day sounds like a stomach-ache waiting to happen, the deep-fried squid was definitely the winner among our group. It was filling and easy to hold, as well as perfect for pictures - a foodies dream. The corndog, although delicious and a classic, was dried out by the cheeto dust and not our favourite. 

But the real one to watch out for was the big ol' turkey leg. Weighing at least a couple of pounds and a whopping $25, it is the one to beat. The Applewood smoked and brined turkey legs are a monster to hold and might put you into a coma, but they are well worth it.

While not on the grounds Barbecues Galore hosted their own breakfast here at our Calgary North location. Trevor, Stampede Breakfast Extraordinaire, put together not just blueberry pancakes, but sausages, hash brown, fruit...The Works. 
Chuckwagon All Griddle

Staff enjoyed a feast in our own backyard. No doubt this was much needed sustenance for some, after all those long Stampedin' nights we are putting in. 

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