Maximize Your Grill Space

Nobody ever barbecued a single skewer.

When we fire up the grill we are locked and loaded and ready to get all the food out of the fridge on those red hot grids - even the stuff so far back we don't want to check the dates. We got the chicken, the steaks, the veggie skewers, the baked potato, the cast iron pots filled with sauces and the chops. We got it all and we want it grilled. 

If you are like us, then you know a side burner and searing station are the best ways to get more space from your grill, but if this isn't readily available then read below for quick tips on how to get that 10 course dinner going on even the most compact bbq:


No, we don't mean give it an emotional support pep talk...unless you want to. We mean build onto your grill, if you have the option to. If your barbeque allows, you can add a few extra features that would optimize your grill. Now both you and the bbq are full of confidence!

1. Warming Rack

Many bbqs come with a warming rack raised slightly above the cooking surface area. Some even have a fold-away option for when you're doing those big turkeys. Add your already cooked food, or almost there shrimp skewers, to the warming rack so that it is less exposed to heat, while still staying warm. In the meantime you can get started on the rest of the meal.  

2. Side Burner 

A side burner gives you that little extra space you've been dreaming of. Throw your sauce pots here, or anything big and bulky. It is offset to the main grilling area which makes it perfect for foods that can be cooked slower or nurtured longer. 



3. Sear Station

For those quick fixes and juicy grill marks you want the sear burner!

Typically located on one of the bbqs side shelves, this station is perfect for boiling water in record time, or getting those thick cuts of meat done with restaurant-level style. Typically the meat takes the longest, but if you want to sear those babies while you calmly handle your veggies, you go right ahead! 




Tip your top hat folks, because here comes the simplest solution to space-management. Pile upwards, not outwards. With less square inches on the 'Q, but lots of asparagus in hand, we were looking for ways to get everything cooking. A great way to save space is to utilize stainless steel and cast iron cooking utensils and kitchenware. 

1. Roasters and Racks 

Low and behold a rib roaster, which when turned upside down, becomes a chicken or pork rack - we love a multi-functional tool with little to no extra effort. The raised edges on these bad boys give you those few extra inches and we all know a lot can be done with a few extra inches. Shop roaster and rack options here



2. Turkey Roaster 

Christmas dinner done on the grill is not only for Californians. Real Canadians grill in the Winter too. This big bird roaster gives you that extra space below to add a pan or two and raises your bird to new heights - perfect for a less intense heat and crispier skin. Check it out here


3. Baskets & Woks

Pile in the veggies and get a good steam with this Empty Nester basket. You can also throw the vegetables, potatoes and meat all into one basket to marinate and utilize those juices. Even better? You're saving ample space for bigger cuts of meat and bigger fish to fry. Shop this steamy piece here and check out our Suckle Busters seasoned veggies here.

The stainless steel grilling wok saves you optimal space on your grill. Get those veggies grilled up without spreading them. Accessories like this space-saving basket, grill brushes, sauces, marinades and more are available at Barbecues Galore in Toronto and Calgary.


4. Chicken Roaster 

Upright not down low... 

Ever in the mood for a full rotisserie chicken all to yourself? Us too. Check out Brander's upright chicken roaster. This is great if you don't have a rotisserie rod in your grill and if you have a tall hood, but not wide enough grilling space! Let those juices funnel down into a base and re-use them by squeezing back onto the chicken. Check out Brander's easy to use roaster here



5. Skewers and Kabobs

Who doesn't love food on a stick? A fun, efficient and quantity-control  way to save space is putting all the goods through a skewer and making kabobs. Make it even smaller by raising them slightly up on this skewer holder. 

For more handy-dandy, space-saving accessories, bbq toys, pots, pans and cast iron utensils stop by our stores in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Calgary. Be aware you'll have a full cart by the time you leave! 



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