Spotlight of the Month: Brander Chuckwagon All Griddle Barbecue




We're here for you with our affordable Brander Chuckwagon All Griddle Barbecue because we all need a bacon n' eggs packed pick-me-up after the cancellation of all of 2020's summer events and festivals.. especially our friends in the west who missed out on the Calgary Stampede. Although we're praying for things go back to normal in time for summer 2021, there's no need to panic. With 738 square inches of solid steel grilling space being evenly heated by four burners that produce 52 000 BTUs, you can cook all the bacon n' eggs, fajitas, pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese,  flank steaks, and anything else your taste buds desire! 



So now that you know about all the delicious party food that you can cook for your family and friends with a griddle, you might be thinking "what separates this product from the others?" 

For starters, the Brander Chuckwagon All Griddle Barbecue has an easy-to-use electronic igniter and propane cart that makes sure your cook outs start smoothly. It also has a grease catcher that runs along the sides of the griddle which leads to a removable grease pan, which helps you keep your cooking surface clean while you're working your magic. And as we said earlier, the flat top griddle has four burners that disperse heat nice and evenly throughout the entirety of your grill. But if only a few people are eating, you have the option to use just half or a quarter of the griddle. Additionally, you can also safely use cookware on the flat top, an option that you don't have with a commercial griddle. Finally, after you're done been crowned the Breakfast King or Queen by your family and friends, the Brander Chuckwagon All Griddle Barbecue has wheels and foldable side shelves for easy transportation and storage. Click here to learn more about our top-valued griddle. 



Do you love breakfast food but aren't into cooking for others (or sometimes crave a quality grilled cheese at 2 a.m. like us)? Check out our smaller Brander 2 Burner Chuckwagon Griddle by clicking here.

We have 5 locations throughout Canada, 2 in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations, as well as 3 stores throughout the GTA: BurlingtonOakville Etobicoke, Ontario.


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