Big Green Egg

Loved by charcoal enthusiasts, the Big Green Egg is a charcoal-fueled cooking machine. Used by the world’s top chefs, competitive barbecuers, and everyday people who just love that smoky flavor, #BGENation is not one to mess with. Since 1974, Big Green Egg has mastered the recipe for the most versatile kamado-style grill out there. Their ceramics and technology are even inspired by NASA – talk about out of this world! Errr… sorry, that was cheesy. Anyways…

Why Big Green Egg?

With Big Green Egg you can infuse the flavor of charcoal into your food – rain or shine (or snow for us Canadians). Depending on what temperature you’re cooking at, you can have more than 80 hours of cooking with just one bag of charcoal. Where is this mystical beast made, you ask? Why, it’s made where ceramics are made best – in Mexico. Their factory uses only the best ceramic professionals who work at very high temperatures to create the high quality, durable, Big Green Egg.

Eggcessories and More

Want to try a new type of grill at your nest? Hatch some eggcellent smoky ideas with the Big Green Egg and it’s Eggcessories. You can use the ConvEGGtor to turn your BGE into a classic pizza oven. Pizza not your thing? No worries – BGE offers a variety of thermometers, griddles, baskets, and more for you to maximize your charcoal grilling experience.

BGE and Barbecues Galore

Barbecues Galore has been serving Canadian EGGHeads for years and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Ask our barbecue experts any of your charcoal grilling questions and we’ll give you our honest answer. Not sure how to use a specific charcoal accessory after you’ve bought it? Call us from home – we’ll walk you through it. We’ve also got the lowest price guaranteed… and we’re a local Canadian business, (just in case you need another reason to shop here versus big box stores). Stop by one of our stores in Calgary, Burlington, Oakville, and Toronto.