Brander "More Probes" For Bluetooth Thermometer

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Whether you're having a huge party or you're on a bulk phase, sometimes you just need a little more meat! We wanted to support the biggest barbecue fanatics by giving them the tools to rise above the rest.  In this case we've literally brought you More Probes.

Designed to fit the Brander Barbecue Brain 2.0, these probes give you the opportunity to grill as much as your heart desires.  Includes 2 probes and ABS cord wraps to keep your work station clean.  These probes can also be used on thermometers with an identical input and temperature specifications.


  • Includes 2 probes
  • Includes ABS cord wraps (Keep these away from the heat though, or you'll be scraping more than meat off the grill!)
  • Compatible with the Brander Barbecue Brain 2.0
  • Temperature range: -50° - 300°C

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