Brander Stuffed Burger Press

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Stuffed Burgers Have Never Been Easier!

Burgers - what would the world be like without them? Everyone has their own recipe, yet they all (well most of them) taste great. Make perfectly shaped burgers to match their perfect flavour. You have perfected the recipe, right? If not, then you better get back to it - after picking up one of these presses of course. We will be happy to be your taste testers should require one.


  • Make delicious, stuffed burgers with all your favourite fillings
  • Control the size of your patties so you don't run out of meat to make all the burgers
  • Creates a dimple in the middle of the patty for even cooking
  • Spraying with cooking spray can help keep the patties from sticking to the top of the press
  • Handles on the side help separate the press from the platform
  • Simple and straight forward to use
  • Nylon handle is removable for easy cleaning
  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher

How To Use

This stuffed burger press is the perfect accessory for any burger lover. Simply mix together your favourite burger recipe, plop half of the meat into the press. Using the handle attachment, press the imprint into the patty before stuffing it with your favourite ingredients. Add the rest of the meat and close 'er up.  

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