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  • Cluck and Squeal BBQ Seasoning - Beef Specific
  • Cluck and Squeal BBQ Seasoning - Beef Specific


Cluck and Squeal Bold Browning Rub


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Inspired by travels in Texas - I hear they like beef down there - this rub was designed to let the true flavours of the beef shine through as the star of the show. With the rub being the best supporting actor, you'll be sure to get an Oscar for your next upcoming meal. 

To get the greatest results using this rub, simply thoroughly apply it to your meat approximately 30 minutes prior to cooking. Do your best to not leave it to the last minute! If you truly want that Oscar, you've got to let that flavour really absorb into all that meat.


  • This rub was given the name "Bold Browning" solely because of how more awesome it sounds
  • A blend which delivers the perfect flavour and texture profile for all types of beef
  • One of the most allergy-friendly rubs - free from gluten, sulphites, MSG, peanuts, and GMOs
  • Contains 165g; that's enough seasoning to win you many cooking competitions!
  • Cluck & Squeal also offer a tasty all-purpose seasoning and a rib rub