Johnson Concrete Fire Table



Our Barbecue Butler delivery and assembly is available for our local customers. If you are outside of the 20km radius please proceed to checkout for in-box shipping. Please note assembled barbecues must be delivered via Barbecue Butlers or picked up at your preferred store location.
Barbecue pick-up for recycling is only available with white-glove delivery.

What's the Barbecue Butler

Barbecue Butler

We understand that your summer is short and time is valuable. You need our four-part ‘Barbecue Butler’ program. We can have your new barbecue in your backyard, ready to cook on so it’s effortless for you. Let our professional teams and four decades of experience do all the hard work. All you have to do is get the steaks salted and the beer iced.

Assembly & Test-Fire

Smiley face All units are built fresh for customers by our trained team. We use a custom, 20-point checklist that includes a trial of the ignition systems. We always leak-test units for gas leaks (if you don’t know what a leak test is – please see our website).


Smiley face This is definitely a deluxe delivery service. Two of our impressively strong, impossibly good-looking, uniformed team members will place the new unit exactly where you want it in your backyard. These folks can answer any questions you have on how your new machine works.


Smiley face If you’d like, we can connect your new barbecue to your fuel supply. We will perform a secondary leaktest and, once again, make sure that all the ignition systems work properly.


Smiley face It’s often a tear-jerking moment but, if it’s time for your rusty, backyard bestie to cross the Rainbow bridge – we will take the heavy, greasy mess away for proper recycling.


The Johnson fire table is a force to be reckoned with. Its fully concrete construction makes it extremely durable in all types of weather - even a light drizzle of meteors couldn't harm the almighty Johnson.

The high performance cast concrete finish can make this guy fairly heavy. Thus, you'll want to get a couple of your buddies (or our amazing delivery team) to help you move this one to exactly where you want it. But, thankfully, high gust of winds are no match for the weight. 

Despite its heavy weight, the Johnson's style fits seamlessly with almost any backyard design. 


  • Stainless steel 40" x 10" burner provides up to 45,000 BTUs of heat - "would you like it toasted?" (always a "yes")
  • Burner pan constructed from a 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel - this is all just fancy talk for saying it is top tier for surviving each and every season
  • High performance cast concrete finish which is durable, sturdy, and also blends in quite nicely with natural surroundings
  • Lava rock is included - not your ordinary rock, this stuff thrives off the heat
  • Electronic ignition system which even has its own safety shut-off
  • Propane models include hose and regulator
  • Natural gas models include 10 foot flexible hose and necessary gas fitings
  • Conversion kit for fuel type is available if you are not entirely set on whether you would like to go for propane or natural gas
  • Dimensions: 60" L x 27" W x 17.5" H
  • Cover Included: OFG121CC  

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