Kamado Joe Classic Joe II - Black (Exclusive)



Our Barbecue Butler delivery and assembly is available for our local customers. If you are outside of the 20km radius please proceed to checkout for in-box shipping. Please note assembled barbecues must be delivered via Barbecue Butlers or picked up at your preferred store location.
Barbecue pick-up for recycling is only available with white-glove delivery.

What's the Barbecue Butler

Barbecue Butler

We understand that your summer is short and time is valuable. You need our four-part ‘Barbecue Butler’ program. We can have your new barbecue in your backyard, ready to cook on so it’s effortless for you. Let our professional teams and four decades of experience do all the hard work. All you have to do is get the steaks salted and the beer iced.

Assembly & Test-Fire

Smiley face All units are built fresh for customers by our trained team. We use a custom, 20-point checklist that includes a trial of the ignition systems. We always leak-test units for gas leaks (if you don’t know what a leak test is – please see our website).


Smiley face This is definitely a deluxe delivery service. Two of our impressively strong, impossibly good-looking, uniformed team members will place the new unit exactly where you want it in your backyard. These folks can answer any questions you have on how your new machine works.


Smiley face If you’d like, we can connect your new barbecue to your fuel supply. We will perform a secondary leaktest and, once again, make sure that all the ignition systems work properly.


Smiley face It’s often a tear-jerking moment but, if it’s time for your rusty, backyard bestie to cross the Rainbow bridge – we will take the heavy, greasy mess away for proper recycling.
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Only Available at Barbecues Galore!

We all know and love the Kamado Joe Charcoal Barbecues. They can smoke, grill, and do just about anything you need a year-round grill to do. The Classic is known as the most popular one due to its size. However, if you shop with Barbecues Galore, then you get to choose between TWO Classic Joe's.

Sure, you can go for the Red Classic Joe, but that is the same one that everyone else owns! If you want to be cooler than the other kids, then go for this crazy sexy, all-black Joe. This guy just happens to be an exclusive to yours truly, so we suggest you get one for yourself before they say, "smell-ya-later". 

The best part of the Kamado Joe, is that they come as a complete package. The band kit, handle, shelves, cart - basically everything you need to complete your Joe - it all comes as one package. No need to buy anything separately (except maybe some charcoal, you may need to get some of that). 

While supplies last.


  • Limited edition black lid and bottom - it's an exclsuive only available to yours truly (so yes, we're kind of a big deal)
  • 254 square inches of tool cooking area with an 18 inch diameter cooking grill
  • Unlike the Big Green Egg, all Kamado Joe models include the side-shelves and the cart - allowing you to save some money (and assembly time as the band kit is already assembled!)
  • Grill gripper and ash tool are also available within the Kamado Joe package - they just love giving you everything you need!
  • The completely heat resistatn ceramic shell is ideal for holding in the heat and keeping the cool air out
  • Multi-functional design makes it ideal for grilling, smoking, and everything in between - you could even bake brownies on it!
  • Divide and Conquer™ cooking system offers you the best multi-tiered cooking experience
  • Also available in red.

While supplies last


For instructions on lighting your charcoal check out our Master The Grill post

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