Weber 6414 Replacement Caster Wheel

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Whether it was because of a wind storm or your uncanny hate towards wheels, the casters on your barbecue could use replacing from time to time. 

The Weber 6414 Replacement Caster Wheel is designed to fit Weber models included the Ranch®, Performer®, Genesis® (1000-5000, Silver A/B/C, and Gold B/C after 2002), and the Platinum® I. 

We understand that we just threw a whole lot of model numbers at you. So, just go outside and take a look at your current casters to see if they are a match to this one (pending that your uncanny hate towards wheels didn't completely obliterate them). 


  • Includes the replacement caster as well as the plastic plug for the bottom of the cart
  • Locking mechanism ensures your barbecue will not roll away
  • Sold individually - if you're looking to replace an 18-wheeler, then it looks like you'll need 18 wheels (who would have thunk it?)


Weber models

  • Ranch®
  • Performer® (models made prior to 2005)
  • Genesis® 1000-5000 series
  • Genesis® A/B/C series (models made between 2002 and 2003)
  • Genesis® Gold B/C series (models made 2002 and onwards)
  • Platinum® I


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