Weber Master Touch Kettle Cover

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Welcome to the department of keeping your loved ones safe. The loved one in which you have selected to keep safe from harm is your Weber Master-Touch™ (or perhaps your Weber 22" Original / Premium Kettle). We understand that the love for your charcoal grill is like no other. We can protect that love.

This exact-fit cover is made from a UV and weather resistant material which will prevent both fading and damage from the elements. The breathable material paired with the fastening straps will eliminate moisture yet still fit nice and snug to the grill (without any concern for the cover flying away). It's the most love-protecting advanced technology available. At least, we think it is. 


  • Premium grill cover which keeps your charcoal grill safe no matter what season it is
  • UV resistant material prevents colour fading
  • Breathable, weather resistant exterior keeps the grill safe from the elements - that's advanced lung technology right there (but not actually)
  • Fastening straps secure the cover right to the grill - so your cover will not Mary Poppins away...


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