Umbrella Tips

Umbrellas are a great addition to any patio set or backyard, but there are some things we think you oughta know about them...

Safety First

Patio umbrellas are made to protect you from sun – not wind. If you’re not sitting under it –the umbrella should be closed. A good strong wind can turn your umbrella into your neighbour’s umbrella in a hurry.


All About The Base

It is crucial - we're not kidding folks - that you use the appropriate base for your umbrella. The heavier the better is a very good guideline for umbrella bases. If you've got an umbrella that's freestanding in a base you will need a heavier base than if it's in a table.

Here is a general guideline for umbrella weights.

Market Style Umbrellas

In table - 50 lb base

Freestanding - 80 lb base

AG19 Cantilever Umbrellas

This umbrella comes with a base system that requires 4 paving stones. The base is adjustable to accomodate 16", 18" or 20" square stones each with a minimum weight of 40lbs. Math tells us that this is a minimum of 160 lbs.  

AKZ Cantilever Umbrellas

The 11' AKZ umbrellas are designed to hold 200lbs of sand while the 13' AKZ cantilever bases are designed to hold 400 lbs of sand. 

Duck and Cover

Okay so maybe you don't need to duck, but you should cover your umbrella when it's not being used - especially if you're done with it for the season. Luckily, we stock umbrella covers for all of the styles we sell. 

Umbrella Covers

Let There Be Light!

We have some lovely LED lights available from Treasure Garden to help light up your night so you can make the most of your summer evenings. Designed to wrap around any umbrella pole or mount onto Treasure Garden cantilever umbrellas, they're the perfect addition to your outdoor setting.

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