Installing TVs Above Fireplaces

We often get asked about installing TVs above fireplaces and what is required to do so safely. It is a common misconception that the clearance to combustibles is the same rule of thumb for televisions. This is not the case. Trust us, your TV will thank you.


Electronics are made with a variety of components, most of which cannot withstand high temperatures. Remember all those people who were convinced they could charge their iPhone 6 in the microwave. Did not turn out very well.


To find out if your TV can be mounted over a fireplace you should contact the company that manufactured it as the components used may vary from model to model. It is important that the heat produced by your fireplace does not come in direct contact with your electronics. Newer electronics tend to run hotter these days and if the heat from your fireplace is added to the heat the electronics are producing the television will overheat and cause serious damage.

Some options to consider when installing TVs above fireplaces:

  • Recess your television into the wall making sure that there is enough space around the television so it can breathe
  • Install a shelf mantel to block the flow of heat up to the television
  • Valor's new HeatShift System that redirects the heat to a vent at a higher point in the room



Want to be certain your television is safe? Our friends at DEKKO Concrete make two types of fireplace mantels made from non combustible materials that will protect your TV. They make floating mantels that are rectangular bars that 'float' on your wall between the fireplace and television. The other style is a mantel that looks like your traditional wood surround mantel. Both extend far enough from the wall that the heat from the fireplace will not reach your television. Here are a few pictures of the floating mantel shelves. There is a standard size but they can be custom ordered for the size and look you want.


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