The Best Way to Have a TV Above Your Fireplace

The Best Way to Have Your TV Above Your Fireplace

There are many ways to put a TV or painting above your fireplace to create the beautiful living room you've always pictured for your family. Despite the options you may come up with, we can confidently say that the HeatShift system by Valor Gas Fireplaces is the best that modern fireplace technology has to offer.

Not only is Valor the original radiant gas fireplace, style innovators, and leaders in their industry, they're fellow Canadians. Who can build a fireplace to combat the cold better than Canadians? After all, we endure some of the harshest winters in the world. 

The HeatShift system transfer the heat behind the wall and up into the room through hidden ducts, that would otherwise have dangerously warmed up the back of your TV or delicate painting. The two main benefits of this innovative technology are:

  1. The wall holding your Valor fireplace won't get too hot, allowing you to hang a TV, art, or whatever you'd like above your fireplace. Without the HeatShift, the wall would heat up and potentially cause heat damage to an item attached to it. The last thing you'd want after getting a brand-new beautiful fireplace is have it melt the plastic on your TV or watch the oil on your expensive painting drip over time.
  2. The heat will be redistributed higher up, creating a convection of warm air circulation. This will warm your home for longer and more efficiently, as more heat will be left in the room instead of being absorbed by the walls.

Valor fireplaces Heat shift technology distributes heat evenly by moving the air upwards and keeping the walls around your fireplace cool.

HeatShift technology can be installed vertically above, or even on side outlets if your fireplace hearth comes out of the wall. Who needs a ceiling fan when you have the ingenuity and innovation of Valor installed in your home?

Feel the radiant heat of a Valor fireplace for yourself in one of our must-see showrooms across Canada. 

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