Choosing The Right Fireplace To Light Up Your Life

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Whether a focal design element or a corner piece, the ambiance and comfort of a fire can change the space and vibe of your home. If you have an eye for design, a need to entertain, a love for mood lighting or a soul ready for cozy Friday nights, you’ll want to consider these things before you begin building a living space around a fireplace.

The very first question we all should be asking is: Do you already have a pre-existing fireplace?

Whether you’re renovating, building a new home, or converting from an old wood-burner you will need to consider where to direct vent your new gas unit first. Secondly, consider gas lines and lastly move on to design.

What Works For Which Home: Style and Layout

  • Does your home have high, vaulted ceilings and a wide wall to point furniture in the direction of? This would be the perfect scenario for a gas fireplace, or a wood burning unit with a gas log lighter, pair it with a large and rustic brick hearth for a complete look.
  • For a more contemporary and minimalist home, a great option would be a linear fireplace. The sleek and thin design and optional colourful flames will add to the aesthetic.
  • Contemporary, but transitional homes, with mixes of modern and modest design elements would benefit from a three-sided glass piece to break up large walls and add more open concepts. A simpler fireplace with black and chrome backgrounds and trims work well in these homes.
  • Don’t forget you have many options when it comes to trim, logs, background and accessories.

When a homeowner’s needs meet a homeowner’s wants:

  • The homeowner’s needs can be the toughest part of any design or home building project. They often clash with our vision of the space. Understandably, a homeowner will want a fireplace that reflects their lifestyle and aesthetic of their home, but realistically cost plays a bigger deciding factor.
  • For more traditional wants, many opt for period pieces like wood burning fire features with long chimneys. To avoid ash and ensure an ongoing flame, homeowners can try electric insert fires, or freestanding stoves.

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