How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home

Would your house benefit from a new gas fireplace? Whether a focal design element or a corner piece, the ambiance and comfort of a fireplace can reinvent your home. If you have an eye for design, a need to entertain, a love for mood lighting, or a soul ready for cozy Sunday afternoons, you’ll want to ask yourself all the questions we discuss in this blog post.

Now that you've decided a new gas fireplace would look great in your home (if you haven't decided this, keep reading and I bet you'll be convinced by the end), the first question to ask yourself is: do you already have an existing fireplace?

Gas Insert Fireplaces

If you already have a fireplace, it likely could be an old wood-burning unit (however, gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular to be built in homes over the last decade). If you have an old wood-burning fireplace, you're practically guaranteed to be better off installing a gas fireplace unit within it. This is because burning natural gas is far more efficient than burning wood. From an economical standpoint, a time- and environment-saving perspective, and all of the above, gas is better. It's also significantly safer and healthier for your home and whomever lives in it (including yourself). Not only that, being able to use the old cavity and structure of your existing fireplace will save you tons of money during the installation process of your new natural gas fireplace. Whether you're renovating your house or just bored of your outdated wood-burning fireplace, it's definitely time to be out with the old and in with the new (click here). But what if you don't have an existing fireplace?

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

If you don't have an existing fireplace, you'll have to get something called a "zero-clearance" which is a fireplace that requires to be built into open framing. Whether it's during the construction process of your home or you're building a new frame or mantel for it in your living room, you're bound to love your zero-clearance fireplace for decades to come. We're sure of this because you get a lot more customization options that you can tailor to your liking. Click here to see what you can do. 


So, What Works For Your Home? Questions to Consider:


Does your home have high, vaulted ceilings and a wide wall to point furniture in the direction of?  This would be the perfect scenario for a zero-clearance gas fireplace that can be built into a brand new, custom designed mantel/hearth to pair it with for the complete look. 


Do you love a contemporary open-room style, but live in a traditional compartmentalized home?  Working with the modern "tucked away" design element of a built-in, three-sided glass fireplace, like the Valor LX1, will do wonders for you since you won't be taking up any extra square footage.


Have you got an empty corner or a smaller room that could use some life?  In this case, your home will love a freestanding stove like the Madrona.



Do you love a rustic traditional home design?  You can get a freestanding stove like the Madrona shown above, or you can opt in for a traditional frame. 


Do you have a contemporary and minimalist home?  A great option would be a linear fireplace. The sleek and thin design and optional colourful flames will add to the aesthetic.


With our fireplaces, you have many options when it comes to trims, logs, fireboxes, backgrounds, and more. Use Valor's Design Centre below to create a custom fireplace and visualize your new fireplace before you make any commitments.


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