Featured Collection: Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Amantii has been one of Canada's most popular electric fireplace brands that people love to heat their homes with. Canadians love Amantii's colour customization and other adjustable features that can be personalized to the owners. Not only that, most Amantii electric fireplaces are compatible with the standard 120 V outlet. That means they're easy to install or mount in/on your wall. Click here for all Amantii Electric Fireplaces.
Wondering how an electric fireplace can benefit your home in practicality and style? Scroll down to the bottom of this page for helpful blog posts. 


Symmetry Bespoke Series - 60" Built-I Electric Fireplace

Amantii 60" Electric Fireplace in Toronto

Set the mood right with the Symmetry Bespoke Series 60" Built-In Electric Fireplace. You can adjust it's settings with any combination of 6 brightness/intensity levels, 6 flame speed levels, and multiple flame colour options for a personalized custom look. Not only that, the Symmetry Bespoke Series are rated for indoor and outdoor use so you can place it wherever you see fit.


Panorama Extra Slim Series - 40" Built-In Electric Fireplace

Amantii Panorama Electric Fireplace in Calgary

 The Panorama Extra Slim Series has just a 4" depth, making it a great option for a wall mounted or fully recessed installation. For new constructions or renovations, place it right into the wall fully recessed and hardwire it right into the electric work to make it even more seamless and user-friendly. With 5 different flame colours (blue, violet, orange, red, or rose) to match any occasion, controllable with your Amantii remote, you're sure to love the look of your electric fireplace. 

Amantii Tru View 25" 3-Sided Cube Electric Fireplace

Amantii Tru View 25 Inch 3-sided Electric Fireplace in Toronto

The Amantii Tru View 25" 3-Sided Cube Electric Fireplace is one of the most open-faced electric fireplaces a Canadian can find. It's customizable to the look you love. Choose your ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors to illuminate the decorative media, and pick your exclusive FIRE & ICE® flame presentation. From blue, rose, violet, yellow or orange-colored flames, just pick your favourite mood with the click of a remote. With the adjustability, the Amantii Tru View Cube breathes life into any mundane space, indoors or outdoors.


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