Napoleon St. Tropez PatioFlame Fire Table Specs, Review, and Tips - a Complete Overview

Ever get the "Sunday scaries?" Y'know when the weekend is coming to an end and you know you have to work the next day? Well, imagine the "Summer scaries" when you know the summer is coming to an end and a wintery Canadian autumn is around the corner. We at Barbecues Galore seldom have that problem because we have the St. Tropez PatioFlame fire table made by Napoleon. The St. Tropez PatioFlame makes autumn feel like summer in our backyard.

With 60,000 BTUs coming from your choice of a rectangle or square stainless steel burner, your backyard patio can also feel warm well after summer is over. You know what that means? More margaritas, family bonding, and most importantly... more barbecues - margaritas is a close second though. Keep reading for an in-depth overview of the Napoleon St. Tropez PatioFlame Fire Table Specs. We've also got a quick review at the very bottom of this page. Let's get started!

General Specifications:

BTUs 60,000
Warranty 3-year warranty on select components and 2-year warranty on all others
Material Rust-proof aluminum
Burner Pan Rust-proof stainless steel
Burner Lid Included


Specifications by Style:

Rectangular Dimensions: 24" H x 37" W x 57" L
Square Dimensions: 24" H x 48" W x 49" L

 Specifications by Gas Type:

Propane Run Time: Approximately 7-8 Hours on high from a standard 20 lb. propane tank Included standard propane hose and regulator
Natural Gas Run Time: Unlimited Included 10 ft. natural gas hose and required fittings 

Click here to read, How to Extend Your Gas Hose, if you need an extension.


Fire Table Tips:

If you're smart and have decided to get the Napoleon St. Tropez PatioFlame fire table or already have another one, here are a few tips you may like to try that will enhance your patio experience:

1. This one is a no-brainer - get a wind guard. Wind guards not only look cool as the flame reflects off of it, making your flame look much more ambient and fuller, but they also block wind from distorting your flame. "Duh," is what you may be thinking, but let us tell you why it's significant. The first reason of why this will improve your patio experience is that the heat will be emitted a whole lot more evenly. Secondly, you'll be saving more natural gas or propane gas, and hence saving money in the long run, because the heat won't be blown away.

Click here for the wind guard for the Rectangle St. Tropez PatioFlame.

Click here for the wind guard for the Square St. Tropez PatioFlame.

2. Get a patio umbrella. The heat will rise and circulate back down with a good quality patio umbrella placed over your fire table. You'll feel like you're sitting in a toasty giant convection oven. 

Click here for the best patio umbrellas around.

3. Get a fitted cover. A strong cover will protect your investment for years to come, especially in our cold Canadian climate. Although Napoleon made the St. Tropez PatioFlame fire table rust proof and able to withstand getting wet, having rain or snow get into the burner and other crevasses, contracting and expanding can definitely be detrimental to your fire table and is not covered by any warranties - just like any other gas appliance (i.e. a barbecue).

Click here for the matching cover for the Rectangle St. Tropez PatioFlame.

Click here for the matching cover for the Square St. Tropez PatioFlame.

Don't like reading? Check out this short review video (0:47) about the St. Tropez.

 There you have it - all the specs, a review, a video, and even some bonus tips about the Napoleon St. Tropez PatioFlame fire table! If you learned something from this blog post, subscribe to our Hotline Newsletter where we have bi-weekly blogs, limited-time deals, recipes, and grill tips that help out our fellow backyard barbarian Canadians. Not only that, right now we're giving away a FREE ThermoWorks Thermopop to a lucky winner EVERY SINGLE MONTH and you could be next! Just click here. And don't forget to share this with a friend that could use a fire table on their patio!

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