What is the Valor HeatShift System?

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There's plenty of reasons we're huge fans of Valor. They're the original radiant gas fireplace, gurus of innovation and style, their quality is unmatched, and they're a Canadian company. Valor has long made outstanding zero-clearance fireplaces and their HeatShift system sets them above the class.  Believe us when we say this: there's a reason we love to install Valor Gas Fireplaces.


As we said, Valor is the Original Radiant Gas Fireplace. Radiant heat operates a lot like the sun, as they spread rays straight through the ceramic glass evenly throughout the room. This heat is then absorbed by air, furniture, and the previously chilly, but now cozy, people in the room.

The HeatShift system will transfer, or shift, the heat that would have went right behind the wall and back into the room. The two main benefits of this innovative technology are:

  1. The wall that your new Valor fireplace is in won't get too hot, allowing you to hang a TV, art, or whatever you'd like above your fireplace. Without this, the wall would heat up and potentially heat damage whatever is above it. The last thing you'd want after getting a brand new beautiful fireplace is have it melt the plastic on your TV or the oil on your painting.
  2. The heat will be redistributed higher up, creating a convection of warm air circulation. This will warm your room and house for longer and with more efficiency, as more heat will be left in the air instead of being absorbed by the walls.

Valor fireplaces Heat shift technology distributes heat evenly by moving the air upwards and keeping the walls around your fireplace cool.

The benefit of reduced wall temperatures? You get the peace of mind knowing your TV, painting, or mantel, is protected. HeatShift technology can be installed vertically above, or even on side outlets if your fireplace hearth comes out of the wall. Who needs a ceiling fan when you have the ingenuity and innovation of Valor installed in your home?

Visit any of our 5 locations across Canada to talk to a fireplace expert about the Valor HeatShift. We have two locations in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations, as well as 3 across the GTA: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario. Check out our Valor Fireplace Design Center to make your dream fireplace right now.

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