Al Pastor Pork Belly Burnt Ends Recipe

Pork Belly Burnt Ends, also called "Meat Candy" in the barbecue community, is a world favourite dish for a reason. If your taste buds have been sleeping under a rock and hasn't tried Pork Belly Burnt Ends yet, you're in for a meat treat today. 

Ingredients (for 10 Servings):

  • 6 lbs. Pork Belly (skin removed)

Al Pastor Marinade Ingredients:



Al Pastor Barbecue Sauce Ingredients:



Al Pastor Marinade Directions:

STEP 1: Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and let it do it's thing until it's liquid-y smooth.


STEP 2: Remember to save 1/3 cup of marinade and set aside for use with the Al Pastor Barbecue Sauce.

STEP 3: Pour over pork belly and refrigerate up to 12 hours to ensure all the marinade soaks into the pork belly.


Al Pastor Barbecue Sauce Directions:

STEP 1: Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend it until it all becomes a delicious batch of goo.


Main Directions:

STEP 1: Preheat your favourite grill to 250°F. We used the best of the best a.k.a. the Yoder Smoker YS 640s.

STEP 2: Slice the pork belly into 2” cubes. Toss in Al Pastor Marinade and coat each cube generously. 


STEP 3: To make transferring the pork in/out of the smoker easier, space the cubed pork onto a wire jerky rack nice and evenly.

STEP 4: Place your rack of deliciousness on top shelf of the smoker or on the opposite side of your fuel source to ensure you get cook your pork low and slow.


STEP 5: Smoke the pork until it's very tender and there's about a 200ºF internal temperature. This should take about five hours - so, sit back and relax while you read some of our other blog posts about grill tips and tricks.


STEP 6: After your future meat candy has reached 200ºF, place pork in a foil pan and toss with just enough Al Pastor BBQ Sauce to coat the surfaces of each piece.


STEP 7: Spread the cubes on the grill evenly again and cook the pork for 30 more minutes to tack up the sauce.


    STEP 8: Remove the Pork Belly Burnt Ends from the grill and serve with additional Al Pastor Barbecue Sauce on the side and enjoy your bites of heavenly meat candy.


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    Recipe written by barbecue enthusiast and professional competitor Andrew Plaza. Follow him on Instagram for more barbecue goodness by clicking here.


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