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Whether it's March Madness, St. Paddy's Day (or Pádraig if you're Irish Gaelic), or just a Friday that you're celebrating, you're going to need some snacks. So, we took a classic sharable favourite and put a good ol' Barbecues Galore twist on it to boost the flavours along with your mood. It's nacho regular nachos, it's Barbecue Queso Dip


Loaded Potato Nachos





STEP 1: Let's start with preheating your favourite grill to a range of 450°F to 500°F

STEP 2: While your grill heats up, take your Big Boy Rose Gold Smoking Paper and cut a piece that'll fit your designated nacho pan or any barbecue-safe large grill pan of your choice.

STEP 3: Next, place your potato chips in a single layer onto the nacho pan. Then, top that layer off with the Barbecue Shredded Chicken, shredded cheese, cilantro (chopped), and shallots (chopped). Feel free to repeat this step if you'd like a second layer of cheesy barbecue deliciousness.


STEP 4: Place the pan into the barbecue and cook for 5 to 6 minutes. Be sure to watch and move the pan around if the edges are getting too dark or burnt. The goal here is to melt the cheese without burning the nachos. 



STEP 5: After you've cooked it to your desired nacho-goodness, top that cheesy platter off with your fresh tomatoes, shallots, and drizzle some ofBlue Ribbin’ Sweet Sauce BBQ Sauce and sour cream to your liking.

STEP 6: Feel free to add any other ingredients that you like on the nachos. Popular ones are jalapenos, banana peppers, and avocado. 


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Recipe created by barbecue enthusiast Andrew Plaza. Follow him on Instagram for more barbecue goodness by clicking here.

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