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Gas Hose Extensions

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Dear Dr McGrillemup,

I want to move my natural gas barbecue to the other side of my patio. Trouble is, the hose that came with the barbecue is too short to reach where I want the barbecue to sit. Can I extend the hose?


Mr. X. Tenshon

Natural Gas Hose, Dust Cap, and Nipple


Dear X,

While you can add a longer hose to your existing barbecue, I don't recommend you trying to extend the existing hose as a handful of connections are required to do so and, when you have multiple connections involved in a gas line, the possibility of a leak is increased. So, you're better to get a new, longer hose.

Don't forget that with a natural gas patio heater, the pole of the heater itself will eat up about five feet of gas line so, if you want to have a hose that is ten feet away from the base of the heater, you actually require a fifteen foot hose.

Keep in mind that a natural gas barbecue will likely not work properly with a hose that is any longer than twenty feet in length. After twenty feet, the rubber hoses experience enough loss in pressure that the barbecue may not get enough fuel pressure. If, in your case, the desired location for your barbecue is over twenty feet away, you should have one of our licensed gas fitters come over to your house and extend your hard gas line to where you need it. That way, you can have multiple gas lines on your deck: like tentacles.


Doctor McGrillemup

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