Master Your Grill

Indirect Cooking

Want to look like a pro? One trade secret is to use indirect cooking. That means, you don't always have to hearken back to your caveman roots and cook right over the flame. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take the food off the flame - keeping the outside burners of a three burner barbecue on, for instance, but turning the middle one off. Read more

How Long Do Barbecues Last?

The answer: it depends. It depends on what type of barbecue you buy. As with any other manufactured product, there are high-value products and there are low-value products.  Don't forget to consider the long term availability of replacement parts for any barbecue you're considering. If you're buying a barbecue that's built in China by a company nobody's ever heard of before - it just might be hard to get parts for it down the road.  


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Which Brush Should I Use To Clean My Grills?


You can use any brush with brass or stainless steel bristles. Both of those metals are soft enough that they will not scratch the porcelain or stainless steel finish on your cooking grills.

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Spring Cleaning Tipster

Did you know that spiders are attracted to propane? Well, the high-school dropout, heavily tattooed, gas huffing spiders are attracted to propane. But still, there's enough of those guys around to cause you problems if they make nests in your barbecue's venturi tubs.
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Barbecue Tipster

Ok, dads, here's a great tip for you (again, at no cost to you): A rib rack makes a great cookbook holder. "What", you say, "a thing that already provides boundless positive energy by allowing us to cook more ribs at the same time, is also capable of further benefit? Impossible." Yep, it's true.

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Turkey Fryer Troubleshooting

A few tips and tricks for a beginner turkey fryer. It can be super easy, but they're are a few things to watch out for so you don't have a turkey frying disaster.

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