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Help! My Ignitor Isn't Working!

Often the electrode sits in a small metal collector box which gathers gas into it which will be lit by the spark coming from the electrode.  If this box gets greasy, then the spark from the electrode has a hard time finding ground and will often not tolerate a spark.

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Gas Hose Extensions

I want to move my natural gas barbecue to the other side of my patio. Trouble is, the hose that came with the barbecue is too short to reach where I want the barbecue to sit. Can I extend the hose? Read more

Propane Barbecue Barely Stays Lit

The modern propane tank has a valve in it that, when it thinks there’s a leak in the tank, will cut the flow of propane back to about 10%. Unfortunately, these tanks can be a tad fussy and, on occasion will ‘think’ there’s a leak when they are turned on too fast.  So, if you’re barbecue seems feeble and wheezy don’t panic, it’s easy to fix. 

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The Race: Big Green Egg vs Broil King Keg

Both the Keg and the Egg are amazing charcoal Barbecues
Which charcoal barbecue is better you ask? Well we pitted the Big Green Egg vs Broil King Keg and here are the results. Read more

Our Favourite BBQ Tool

And, for $7.99 all year long, it's about as good a deal as you'll find anywhere. Read more

Two Barbecue Tips to Start The Month

To start this month we have a few tips to pass along which should make your grilling more enjoyable this summer. Read on, you'll thank us later.

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