Gas Fireplace Inserts

It’s time to kick ash! You have a wood burning fireplace and you LOVE the idea of a log fire but you don’t love all the work involved. Our install team specializes in converting wood burning fireplaces into a warm, sophisticated, heat-efficient gas fireplaces.

Inserts make old fireplaces new again. 

If you have an old, drafty or inefficient fireplace, you should probably make an insert your first consideration.

Inserts are the least complicated fireplaces to install. They fit inside your existing fireplace and their venting system usually fits within your existing chimney. So new construction can be kept to a minimum.

You have two kinds of inserts to choose from: gas burning or wood burning.

These inserts convert your old wood-burning fireplace into an attractive and efficient gas fireplace. They add warmth and beauty to your home. All gas inserts are double-wall constructed to circulate heated air into your home. You can turn them on with the flick of a switch or, with some models, with a TV-like remote. Better yet, most are direct vent - which means that they use outside air for combustion instead of using the air in your home.

We suggest that you come and talk to one of our fireplace specialists. They'll help you find an insert that fits your fireplace. They'll check out your chimney, develop a list of what needs to be done and prepare an estimate - right then and there, in your home. Believe it or not, they'll do all this for no obligation on your part. If you decide to proceed, a gas line will either have to be installed or, your existing line will have to be modified.

For safety reasons, a certified technician must do this and the work must be inspected and approved. And yes, all of our Woods Fireplace installers are certified and experienced.               

Watch this video for a step-by-step introduction to our insert process: