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  • Broil King 10342-247 Replacement Four Lead Electronic Ignitor l Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, Calgary
  • Broil King 10342-247 Replacement Four Lead Electronic Ignitor l Barbecues Galore: Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, Calgary


Broil King 10342247 Replacement Four Lead Electronic Ignitor


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We understand that ignitors can fail on you at times. But, there is no need to worry. Just snag yourself a replacement part! 

This Broil King Replacement Four Lead Electronic Ignitor is designed specifically for Broil King barbecues. You'll most likely find this ignitor on barbecues which also feature a side burner and/or rear rotisserie burner.

To see if this ignitor is the right one for your grill, simply check your manual or check out the rear side of your current ignitor. If you see four leads, then you're good to go! If you see less than four leads, then add one with your daily wish at 11:11 o'clock (we're lying about that part, just refer to the Help tab to get the right part for you).


  • Part number most known as 10342-247
  • Four lead electronic ignitor which is specifically made for Broil King barbecues
  • Requires one triple A (AAA) battery to operate
  • To install: Detach your current ignitor and attach the existing leads to the new ignitor - be sure to tighten the cap to avoid any water damage
  • Compatible with the Broil King Replacement Electrode with Wire
  • Also available as a Single Lead, a Dual Lead, and a Triple Lead


Designed to fit Broil King Models:

  • All models which have four leads (refer to your manual or check the barbecue's current ignitor to make sure)
  • 5518-4, 5518-7, 8342-84, 8342-87, 9130-64NZ, 9130-67NZ, 9225-84, 9225-87, 9312-84, 9312-87, 9468-84, 9468-87, 9561-84, 9561-87, 9565-44, 9565-44MC, 9565-47, 9565-47MC, 9565-84, 9565-87, 9566-44, 9566-47, 9569-44MC, 9569-47MC, 9571-44, 9571-47, 9576-44, 9576-44R, 9576-47, 9576-47R, 9576-84NZ, 9625-84, 9625-87, 9761-84, 9761-87, 9765-54, 9765-57, 9765-84, 9765-87, 9766-84, 9766-87, 9776-44, 9776-47, 9868-84, 9868-84X, 9868-87, 9868-87X, 9878-44, 9878-44X, 9878-47, 9878-47X, 9887-44, 9887-44X, 9887-47, 9887-47X, 9887-84, 9887-87, 9888-44, 9888-44XL, 9888-47, 9888-47XL, 989-87, 9966-44, 9966-47, 9976-44


If you cannot find the exact parts you are looking for, then simply fill out our barbecue parts request form. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with any information that will help you out.